Welcome to shahboz.com, home of the Shahboz Ninja Clan.  We are in the process of updating the site so check back often for more content.

We will be posting a training blog as well as a production blog with gear reviews in the next few weeks.


Marc and Joyce


“Time to Thin!”

I did this retro-info video for the University of Florida’s Department of Forestry.  I again worked with the s ...


Zombie Makeup

I did this zombie makeup for a small production with my first year students. This was the first time applying and pa ...

Post Human

Post Human

This is from my fine friends over at the amazing animation studio Humouring the Fates productions.  Congrats to Jess ...

Jessica from CXS "Valkyrie"


So I have been a little quiet the past week on the production blog but I have still been moving forward with both th ...



I completed this info animation earlier this summer.  And yes that is yours truly doing the voice over.  Pretty fun ...